Friday Favorites





Happy Friday, Loves! It’s been a beautiful week, but I’m ready for the weekend for sure! We hope you all had a lovely holiday with friends and family! As always, we’re linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika for Friday Favorites!




Over the weekend I was able to go to my favorite flower nursery and buy some flowers for my front yard. I love planting fresh flowers- it’s a great way to get out of the house and move! New flowers are a big FAVORITE of mine!


ALERT! ALERT! NEW SNACK FIND! People. Has anyone else tried this flavor of Larabars yet?I found this at Target (all hail Target) and they are amazing! The mint chip brownie flavor tastes just like the thin mint Girl Scout cookies! A guilt-free snack that tastes just like a candy bar? Sign me up!



This past week I went on 3 different hikes here in NJ. I love getting outside and seeing the beauty of nature! It’s a great way to take a mental break, fellowship with friends, and get those steps in!



My first FAVORITE this week was going to the beach last Saturday with friends! It was the most perfect beach day ever! We packed a lunch, grabbed our beach chairs and plopped ourselves in the sand for almost 4 hours! Jocelyn and I were able to take about a mile and a half walk down the shoreline- such a beautiful way to get in some steps!

My next FAVORITE was partying this weekend! We had everyone over our house for a BBQ, and we were up late playing poker games, rock band, and toasting the good old USA. Not to mention- there were some intense cornhole games! Hosting the party really helped me stay on track as well! I was able to know what was coming and provide myself with some healthy options. Don’t get me wrong- I splurged a little (what are holidays for?;) but overall, I stayed on track pretty well! That’s always a favorite!


My toe has been bothering me lately, and its been discouraging not to be able to walk on it. I love to walk for exercise, and not having that ability has made me feel behind. So, swimming at John & Jocelyn’s this Wednesday was so great! We did 15+ laps! Swimming is one of my FAVORITE exercises. It’s so easy on my joints, and I really feel like I’m getting a full workout.



Last weekend was so much fun! On Saturday we went to the beach and had such a fun day lounging! Sunday we had a bbq at Corrinne’s, and then Monday we watched fireworks from the field in front of my parents house. #smalltownperks

Such a great holiday weekend!



My second FAVORITE has been the Simply Taralynn workout challenge we talked about last week! It’s been kicking my butt so far this month! The only day I haven’t been able to complete yet was day 6. I did the circuit 1.5 times instead of 3 and swam laps to make up for the rest. My joints are pretty bad, so the break from the high impact was what I needed. Always listen to your body! You know the difference between tired muscle soreness and overdoing it! Don’t feel bad about taking a break!

Don’t forget to always stretch before and after a workout! Let those muscles relax and take care of yourself!

Finally, our hearts are heavy and saddened by the news of multiple shootings around our nation this week in Dallas, in Baton Rouge, and in Baltimore. ย We pray for the families and loved ones of these victims, and we pray for peace in our nation and our world. Love each other. Hold each other close. Our thoughts are with those suffering today. We love you and we are deeply sorry for your loss.


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