Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! Gosh, it feels good to say those words! This week has seemed long! Today we’re linking up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci to share our FAVORITE things from this week!



My first FAVORITE for this week is watermelon seltzer! Yes! Watermelon seltzer! I found this at my local Trader Joe’s, but I have also purchased Spindrift Seltzer at Target too. Very light and refreshing. Perfect for hot summer days!


This past week was a huge week for my husband and I. We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary! These past 8 years have flown by! On the morning of our wedding, we met at Starbucks for coffee. So, every year since then we go to Starbucks on our anniversary and talk about the years past. Each year is a new adventure and I am eager to spend it with my best friend.


My biggest FAVORITE of the week comes from my biggest supporter- My husband! I decided a month ago that it was time to get serious and start tracking everything again. (I’ve been using My Fitness Pal.) It’s been going well and Joseph has been supportive from the beginning, but this week he decided to join me! He decided he wanted to start tracking his foods as well and being more mindful of what he eats, so we downloaded MFP for him. Having him join me has been SO motivating and encouraging! Now we can meal plan and come up with more ways to be active together! I’m so grateful for his support and I’m excited about where our healthy journey will take us! 🙂

Healthy living is ALWAYS easier with a partner. That’s why we started TSS in the first place! We (Melinda, Jocelyn, and myself) were each other’s partners, and we wanted to become yours as well. 🙂 I think this saying really sums it up perfectly!


Let’s go far.

My next FAVORITE from this week is my consultation appointment today for Lasik eye surgery! I have been thinking about having vision correction surgery since high school and this summer it will become a reality for me! I’m a little nervous, but mostly BEYOND excited. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m basically blind without my glasses or contacts- a fact that SEVERAL (ahem, ahem) family members and close friends find ways to tease me about. 😉 Family, right? Who needs em? 😉

This procedure will be a HUGE quality of life improvement for me. Wish me luck!



My first FAVORITE from this week has been the pool at our apartment complex! Growing up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, water has always been a part of my life. When I trained for my lifeguard certification in 2012, many of the people I trained with were nowhere near as advanced at swimming- and they were far more athletic than I was! Most kids I grew up with just know how to swim well since we grew up near the ocean. All that to say- swimming is by far my favorite form of exercise. Having a pool to swim laps in after work has been awesome! And laying out in a chaise ain’t too bad either. 😉


#bliss #dontforgetsunscreen

My next FAVORITE this week was John and I having a few teenagers/college kids from our church over to the apartment on Sunday night. We played Catchphrase Decades, and the only questions they could answer were the ones from the 2010’s. They were totally lost on the 90’s and 00’s. #imoldnow

We also taught them how to play Texas Hold ‘Em, and we had so much fun! It was hilarious watching them try to bluff/figure out if they even had a good hand. Such a fun time with a great group of kids!


I’m not even sure who won because we were all laughing so hard! That was the theme of our night- ab-aching laughter- which is always a FAVORITE of mine (and I’m pretty sure also counts as exercise, so… 2 birds.)

I told you all last Friday that John and I were going to see the farm where our puppy will be coming from. We did and it was awesome! We were so impressed with the breeders and the quality of dogs there! We can’t wait to have our own little buddy in September. Here’s a shot of our dog’s parents- Rosie and Wolfie. Wolfie is hands down the most handsome dog I’ve ever seen! I hope our guy takes after him! Rosie was so sweet and a beautiful chocolate color! It was my FAVORITE to get to play with all the dogs &puppies they had.


Wish us luck as we get a pup and start the training process. I’m sure I’ll keep you updated. 😉 #neverenoughpuppypics

I’m so excited for this weekend- today I’m taking one of my FAVORITE girls (my niece) out for a special Aunt day, and tomorrow John and I are going to NYC with his mom. Exciting stuff! Have a great weekend loves! Spoil the dads in your life rotten! 🙂


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