Friday Favorites

It’s time for Friday Favorites, y’all! This week flew by! As always, we’re sharing our faves from the week, linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika. Feel free to link up as well and add yours. 




What was my past week about? Salads. All kinds of salads. Pasta salad, chicken salad, and more salad. I made sure I stayed on track by planning all healthy dinners this week. A few recipes stood out from the rest as FAVORITES- I’ll be posting those soon!


We upgraded our fire pit in our backyard. I spent a few nights sitting under the stars by the fire with my husband. It’s a nice “escape.” Campfires are one of my FAVORITE things about summertime. IMG_8959


Thursday night, my brother-in-law’s (Jocelyn’s John) company rented a box for our local minor league baseball team. He got several tickets and brought my husband and I and our other sister. We had a blast watching the game and eating free food. It was the most perfect summer night for a baseball game. And bonus: the home team won! Always a FAVORITE.



My fancy soaps my sister got me for my birthday are my FAVORITE. They come in such pretty boxes and great scents. They make me feel fancy. 😉  Mini spa in every shower. Just a little thing you can do for yourself. Do any of you have something that you use to pamper yourself?


On Monday night, friends of ours that are renovating a house had a pretty big mishap. I remember how stressed I was when we were moving and renovating, so I felt for them. It sucked that it happened, but everyone that was hanging out at our house dropped what we were doing and went over to try and help out. It sucks when life throws you a curveball, but having good friends that help you out is a giant FAVORITE of mine.

On Wednesday, we took pictures of the girls in our family. (Little man tagged along.) I can’t wait to see the pictures when the photographer finishes editing! I’m so excited to have pictures of me and my FAVORITE ladies.



So have you all gotten the idea that I love dogs yet? I do. I love dogs. This would be me:


So anyway, dog sitting has been so much fun for us this week. I’ve loved getting steps in by taking long walks with our little buddy. Annnddd, this week we put down a deposit on our very own puppy!! We’ll be getting him in September as long as the dam that the breeder mated got pregnant. We’ll know about that in a few weeks. We heard about the breeder through a coworker of mine. That black lab in the top two pics will be the full-blooded cousin of our puppy. Their moms will be sisters and their dads will be brothers. So our puppy will look a lot like that little cutie pie! I’m so excited I could just die!! We go see the mama tomorrow morning. 🙂


Last Christmas, one of my presents to John was concert tickets to see one of our most favorite bands in Baltimore! The concert was this past weekend and it was so awesome. The band was even better live than they are recorded, the venue was awesome, and we spent the day with my best friend and her fiancé traipsing around Inner Harbor. We stumbled on this festival in Little Italy, and I had one bite of John’s cannoli. It was to die for! If you ever have an opportunity to see The Avett Brothers in concert, it will be worth your money, I promise. They were fantastic.


Oh, Chick-fil-A. You will always be my FAVORITE. Seriously, is there a person in the world who doesn’t like CFA? If there is, I’m not interested in meeting them. 😉 Jk. But I do have an undying love for the restaurant. What I really love about it is that its so easy to stay on track there. Most fast food restaurants don’t have the great choices that they do. On Thursday  we picked it up for lunch for the office and I had a 12 count grilled nugget meal with a fruit cup instead of fries for a total of only 5 PP! What a delicious lunch with no guilt! Sign me up. Also, we used the mobile app to order and it was awesome! I walked right in and they had it sitting there waiting for me. I got to skip the entire line in the middle of the lunch rush. I call that a FAVORITE every time.


Those are all our FAVORITES for this week! Have a great weekend everyone!


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