Friday Favorites



It’s Friday again! 43ff1083d6425d1186b6dd524d4a48e2


As always, we’re sharing our FAVORITE moments from this week! Just little things that made us smile or big things that we heart-eye-emojied. Link up with us and share yours too!



These peonies are blooming in my yard! They’re my FAVORITE! I love seeing them around my house. There is just something about walking out of your house, feeling the warm sun on your skin, and breathing (after being heavily dosed with allergy and asthma medicine) in the scent of flowers and fresh cut grass. Ah, seriously my favorite time of the year!


This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go on a 3 mile hike here in New Jersey! I stepped outside my comfort zone and joined a woman’s hiking group! We meet once a week to fellowship and to explore NJ. It’s a nice break from all that I have going on in my life and I am getting some great exercise! So far, no ticks. Huge win for me.


I tried Cherry Pie Larabars this week and they’re delicious! Apple pie is still my favorite, but these are great as well. A great salty/sweet snack. And for only 4pp, you can’t beat it!

Also this:


#mylife I have several drawers of “house clothes”, as I like to call them.



#truestory #addiction

My first FAVORITE this week is online shopping. Jocelyn works right down the street from my house, so she normally goes there for her lunch break. At least 3 to 5 times a week she sees my packages on the front porch and makes fun of me for this addiction. But…. #gottahavethatamazonprime


And speaking of online shopping…. I picked up these walking shoes the other day and so far they’re working out great! I’ll keep you all posted on them. They’re super comfy and they offer a lot of support, so so far they’re doing the trick for me.


And speaking of online shopping…. #arewenoticingathemeyet

This is my favorite baby shower gift. #spoileralert if you have a baby, this is what you’re getting from me. Everyone likes it and it makes it easy to shop. If they are on sale I will buy a couple just to have on hand. I’m always looking for easy gifts to give for special events. I like to keep them on hand. If you have a reliable thing you always gift, let me know… I’m always looking for something like that to have around.



First up, can I get a hallelujah? I finally got my color redone yesterday and clearly, it was needed. To be fair, the first pic was in a weird lighting, but still. #holybrassybatman  Definitely a huge FAVORITE of mine this week!

My husband went on a business trip to San Francisco this week and while he’s been gone, I’ve been staying with Corrinne since she lives so close to my  work. I’ve been walking around the small town she lives in every night to get steps, and on Monday night, this handsome little guy joined me. 🙂 #nephewlove

Since my parents live right down the street from Corrinne, I’ve made several pit stops to sit in their insanely comfy hammock swing and hang out with them. This was a Christmas gift Corrinne and I got for my mom this past year, and its proved to be a winner! Also, if you’ll notice the new sneakers… I’m loving those. They’re Saucony and they offer a lot more support than my Nikes.


So…. sorry for the super awkward mirror selfie, but this was me dressed for hot yoga on Monday night! A friend of mine tried it last week and convinced me to go with her this week. I loved it! It was definitely a challenge, but I felt so great afterward.


So, this is my new FAVORITE thing. There are standup comedy acts on Spotify! This has revolutionized my walks! I get kinda bored just staring at the same scenery, and this helps! If you have Spotify, check it out.


So when John was in college, I made him this little plaque out of his legos to take with him to his dorm. #longdistanceprobs

Since I couldn’t go with him on his trip to San Fran, he took the little Lego me along. Seeing all the pics has been my FAVORITE this week.


Our final FAVORITE this week is remembering all those who have fought for our freedom in this nation. We are thankful for you this weekend and always! Happy Memorial Day!

Those are our FAVORITEs! Feel free to share yours with us too! 🙂 Have a wonderful long weekend!


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