Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! It doesn’t feel like a whole week has gone by since we were last here, but hey- I’ll take it! Nothing better than a weekend sneaking up on you. 😉 We’re sharing our favorite moments from today with you! As always, feel free to link up with us and share what you were loving this week.



Gym time! I was forced into the gym this week for the first time in awhile since the weather was so nasty around here. And you know what? I’m glad! I love spending time walking outside and getting some fresh air, but it was nice to focus on some key areas in the gym this week. My new FAVORITE form of cardio? Basketball! John and I played one-on-one a few times, and I just shot some hoops and ran suicides on the court by myself couple times as well. I’m so glad my gym has a court! Such a fun way to get the blood flowing! That snack up top is my new FAVORITE. By now, we’re all quite familiar with the idea that I hate mornings, right? (These people understand me:)

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So, needless to say, I’m not a morning gym person. I admire them, I envy their ability to spring out of bed and deadlift, but I want no parts of that witchcraft. #sorrynotsorry I have been and remain an afternoon gym person. All that to say, when you go to the gym after work, you leave starving. That in-between-gym-and-dinner time can really derail your efforts. And lets be real here, what’s the point of going to the gym if you’re just going to go home and smash an entire sleeve of oreos? (Not that I’ve ever done that… psh… #itwasn’toreos #itwaschipsahoy)

So… apple cookies. Much better than binging on unhealthy snacks! Try them out-you’ll be hooked too. 🙂



Corrinne’s birthday was this weekend! Yay Krin! Happy Birthday! We had a lot of fun celebrating her and eating her FAVORITE ice cream cake. 🙂



This made me LOL. All this crappy weather has me on a major real pants strike. (and lets be honest, our relationship was pretty strained to begin with.) Leggings are bae.



Cinco de Mayo was yesterday, and yo girl don’t need an excuse to eat my FAVORITE  shrimp fajitas, but I’ll take one anyway. 😉 For real though, as has been the theme lately, we were celebrating yet another test Alexis passed and figured we should eat some tacos. It seemed like the most appropriate thing to do. I think you’ve probably realized by now that we’ll take any reason to party it up. 😉


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Finally, we’re excited to celebrate our FAVORITE mamas this weekend! If you’re a mom, we hope your Mother’s Day weekend is fantastic! If not, hug your mama tight or send her a card or remember the great times you’ve spent with her over the years. Moms are so special to us, and we’re so grateful for their love and support!

So that’s it! A little random and disjointed, but it’s been a pretty dreary week around here. That’s what we like about Friday Favorites! It forces us to find moments to appreciate in any week. 🙂 Happy Friday loves! This weekend is about to start the May insanity, so enjoy some down time if you have it. If not, we hope you enjoy what you’ve got going on. 🙂 See you next week! 🙂


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