Friday Favorites

It’s time for Friday Favorites again! We’re back today to share with you some of our FAVORITE moments from our week! Feel free to grab the graphic and link up with us and share yours as well! Just head over to Erika’s blog and link up to us! 


IMG_8417 IMG_8416

So, apparently a big theme this week has been salads! We’ve been taking advantage of all the fresh produce this spring and piling it on our plates! This week we had a cilantro lime Chicken salad with mango salsa (pictured right) and a Chicken Lime Fajita salad. Both were so delicious and may just become a new FAVORITE!

Jocelyn & Corrinne’s side note: pretty sure those plates are our new FAVORITE! We’ve got all the heart eyes for those scalloped edges! 


IMG_8420 IMG_8419 IMG_8418

In keeping with the salad theme this week, our dinners have been salads as well! My husband spoils me rotten with his wonderful cooking (one of the many reasons he’s my FAVORITE;) and he really hit it out of the park this week! From left to right, we had Bacon Cobb, Buffalo Blue, and Shrimp fruit nut. All 3 were so delicious, and believe it or not- inexpensive as well!

All these fresh foods have me feeling great, and that’s always a FAVORITE. In addition to the fresh foods, I took a 5 mile bike ride on Wednesday followed by some relaxing yoga! Jocelyn mentioned in an earlier post about our sister, Alexis. Alexis is a beast. She pushed me so hard in the gym on Thursday and now I have that “hurts-so-good” soreness. The extra time put into fitness this week has been a FAVORITE.


Another FAVORITE this week has been La Croix water. If you’re a soda addict looking to kick the habit, this might be your answer! It’s all-natural, 0 cal, and has that carbonation I crave! Love this stuff! Get it here


IMG_8367 IMG_8370 IMG_8365

I blogged last week about our new Tuesday tradition. It’s become a fast FAVORITE for us! This week we kept the food a little simpler. I just packed a few flatbread sandwiches and some fruit and we picked up snacks and drinks at Royal Farms. Tuesday was GORGEOUS, and our time at the park was so much fun! This week we took a volleyball and played on their sand courts. Let me tell you- it was a workout! After our game, we (Alexis and I) took a trail walk while John and my brother, Joe, threw the softball around a little more. (PS- that BodyArmor drink? Delicious! It’s an all-natural electrolyte sports drink. It’s made partly with coconut water, and it’s definitely worth a try! Shoutout to the random lady in RoFo that heard me talking to Lex while I looked for a drink and recommended it.)

IMG_8391 IMG_8384

Um, Wednesday was my day to treat yo’self. My allergies knocked me upside the head, and all I wanted was a coffee and a bubble bath. (two of my FAVORITE things) So that’s what I did. (BTW- Starbucks’ nonfat tall caramel latte is insanely delicious and low-cal.)


So last Saturday, Alexis and I helped Corrinne throw her mother-in-law’s tea party birthday party. So fun, but afterwards, we left up a few things and had our niece over for a little mini tea party! So cute and fun to do this FAVORITE with her. 



Our final FAVORITE this week was celebrating Alexis! Lex has worked her butt off for the past few years putting herself through school and then getting in shape for her MD state police physical entrance exam. She passed it on Monday!! We are so insanely proud of her for this mental, emotional, and physical accomplishment! We can’t wait to see what you’ll do and to cheer you on along the way. Also, since I know you’re rolling your eyes and wishing I hadn’t said anything about you, I added a picture of the celebration cake we had for you. You can’t be mad while looking at cake. You just can’t. #science

Those were some of our FAVORITE things from this week. Link up with us and share yours! We’d love to hear what you were loving this week! Happy weekend!


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