Friday Favorites

We’re excited to be back with Friday Favorites again today. Just like last time, we’re linking up with a few other blogs to share some of our FAVORITE things from this week.



This week my friend Lindsey was in town so we decided to go on a hike to get some steps in. Long story short, my gps took us in a completely wrong direction, but we found this cool lighthouse in Barnegat, NJ. We hiked a trail around the lighthouse and got to see some wildlife. My 3 year old daughter even climbed (241 steps!) the lighthouse with Lindsey! It was a chilly but super fun trip!


IMG_8310 IMG_8292IMG_8262 IMG_8286

Apparently, this was the week of day trips because on Thursday we went to Longwood Gardens! So much fun! Jocelyn had a her Fitbit on, and we walked over 20,000 steps! It’s tulip season, and the flowers were in their peak! If you’ve never gone to Longwood Gardens, you should definitely make it a destination when you’re around here. Its such a cool place, and the history of the Dupont family is so interesting! (The 2 pics above are tulips and the bird of paradise flower.)



I posted on Wednesday about our picnic at Trap Pond. That was a huge FAVORITE this week. We had so much fun and being able to walk some of those cool trails was such a fun way to get my steps in.


Part of being healthy is taking care of your mental well-being. Something that really makes a difference in my mental health is finding pleasure in the simplest things. I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd. (Like, I can tell you what the Headmaster’s name means in Old English cuz I’ve read too many Buzzfeed lists of obscure HP facts. #notashamed #alittleashamed #stopjudgingme.) I read those books all the time and they always make me happy. The USPS is selling HP stamps right now, and it made me smile to use this stamp with one of my FAVORITE characters. Even if the stamp was used to mail my car payment. lol

IMG_8125 IMG_8131 IMG_8223 IMG_8226 IMG_8238

This week just felt like summer overall, and that is our FAVORITE. Between bonfires, fresh fruit, birthday parties, Rita’s runs, and our day trips, we were so excited to get outside. Even if Mother Nature slapped us upside the head with seasonal allergies. Can I get an amen from my fellow snifflers?

Our final FAVORITE?


YOU! We were so excited to hit 100 followers, and this week we’ve added even more. We’ve said it before, but we’ll keep saying it- we are so thankful for each of you and your support! Changing a bad lifestyle or maintaining a healthy lifestyle is never easy, but when you have a strong community that supports you, it can make all the difference! We appreciate you all so much! Keep being awesome. 🙂

Those are our FAVORITES this week. We hope you had a fantastic week as well. Remember, today is the last day for you to enter our giveaway! If you missed our IG’s and previous post, you can get all the details you need to enter here. Have a fantastic weekend loves! Don’t forget, if you want to join this link-up, go to any of the 3 host’s pages (Erika, Andrea, and Narci), grab their graphic, and add your link. Easy peasy! Happy weekend!



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