Tuesday Funday

Happy Wednesday, friends! I’m so excited to sit down and write today’s post. John and I normally go on a date on Tuesday nights, but we decided that once the weather got warmer, we’d go to one of the state parks near us and spend the afternoon/evening there. Yesterday was our first Tuesday of the summer at Trap Pond State Park here in DE.

Guys, it was so. much. fun. My sister Lex joined us, so she’ll be in lots of the pictures. 🙂

We started our time at the park playing catch & hitting a softball around. That’s Alexis in the green shirt. She is the athletic sister in our family. She throws that dang softball at about a million miles an hour. And I close my eyes and squeal while flailing my glove in the air hoping it makes contact with the missile she calls a “lob”  definitely catch it cuz I’m #athletic. Alexis is training for the physical fitness test for the Maryland State Police. She hopes to eventually become a flight medic. She’s pretty cool like that.

Plus, look how cute she looks swinging.


We strung up John’s Eno and “hung” out while he did all the work.

Now, the important part. The food. Guys. The food. It was amazing. I’ve never gone 3 for 3 with successful new recipes, but I did this time. Everything was delicious! ‘Twas the trifecta of picnic awesomeness. 😉

I found this chicken marinade recipe on Pinterest, and it did not disappoint! I like to use the tenders rather than a full breast because the meat is jucier and it cooks much faster. Try this marinade out ladies. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Ahh, these beauties.

Caprese skewers, you can do no wrong.

 Listen people. These are the most simple appetizer/side dish you will ever make. I just used 70 calorie mozzarella balls from Food Lion, regular cherry tomatoes, and the balsamic reduction ya’ll know I’m obsessed with weirdly attached to  should probably seek help for this addiction I like. 😉 Each skewer is 70 calories of delicousness.

We ate this light pasta salad with our chicken. So yummy. I used Wacky Mac veggie noodles, black olives, cherry tomatoes, and some chopped salami. I topped it all with a bit of lite Italian dressing and shredded parm. Delicious.

We ate this delicious fruit salad for dessert! It’s just cut fruit topped with sugarfree vanilla pudding mix. So yummy.

After dinner, we cleaned up and took a walk. It started to get a little chilly since the sun was setting, so our walk was cut a bit short. But I still got my steps in for the day, and that was the goal!


Lex approved of my caprese skewers.

IMG_8215 IMG_8209

Some of the views from our walk! So pretty! Do you have a park with great trails near you? Snap a picture of your walk and tag us on Instagram! I’m so glad we decided to make this a weekly summer tradition. I’m looking forward to more Tuesdays like this one.



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