What’s in your lunchbox? (And the best chicken salad EVER)


Am I the only one that never knows what to pack for lunch? According to Pinterest, I’m not. I see so many pins with healthy lunch ideas, so I thought today I’d share a few of my favorite standby lunches with you all. I end up reaching for these items 3-4 times a week! In my opinion, the perfect lunch includes:

  • a veggie/fruit/both
  • main dish
  • light snack
  • granola/protein bar

I like to give myself plenty of low-point snacks to fill up on such as popcorn or fruit. I keep a protein bar in my desk at work to grab when those munchies hit and I don’t want to end up raiding the candy basket in the copy room! Many of my lunches are leftovers. They’re easy to throw in a Tupperware, and I don’t end up wasting food. Here are a couple examples of what I eat in a typical workweek.

Leftover skinny lasagna, grapes, white cheddar popcorn
Leftover skinny lasagna, grapes, white cheddar popcorn
Chicken salad, grapes, string cheese, popcorn, granola bar
Chicken salad, grapes, string cheese, popcorn, granola bar
English muffin W/PB for breakfast and nonfat caramel latte
English muffin W/PB for breakfast and nonfat caramel latte

So, I pretty much always have grapes and popcorn in my lunchbox. Wise makes a white cheddar popcorn that rocks my world. (2pts per cup)

In the top picture, I packed a half portion of my favorite skinny lasagna. Lunch doesn’t need to be a heavy meal. Make sure you pack enough snacks to keep you satisfied throughout the day, but I try not to overpack my lunch because if I do, I’m bound to eat what’s been packed. (whether I’m actually hungry for itΒ or not!)

The second picture has the best chicken salad ever. Seriously. It’s so good.Β  And lucky for you, I’m here to share the recipe. πŸ˜‰


  • 1 can premium white meat chunk chicken
  • plain greek yogurt
  • lite mayo
  • craisins
  • nuts (I use slivered almonds)
  • salt & pepper
  • tiny pinch of sugar


Pour your opened can of chicken into a strainer. (Don’t be freaked out by canned chicken guys. I was. It seems gross, but I swear it’s fine. I don’t just eat it straight out of the can, but if shredded chicken is an ingredient in a recipe, 9 times out of 10 I’ll be using canned chicken. I’ve served this chicken salad and several other recipes containing canned chicken to people, and I swear everyone loved it. haha) Pull the chicken apart into shreds and put into a bowl. Add in about a tbsp. of your plain greek yogurt and a Tbsp. of your lite mayo to the chicken. Mix together. Add craisins and nuts. Salt and pepper to taste. Occasionally if I’m looking for a little extra flavor, I’ll put a tiny pinch of sugar in the chicken salad. It really gives it a great taste! I normally eat my chicken salad plain, but I’ve eaten it on a sandwich thin, scooped it with veggies, and even eaten it in a lettuce wrap. It’s versatile, low-fat, and so delicious!

My final picture is one of my on-the-go breakfasts. Pretty sure we’ve discussed the fact that Jocelyn is not a morning person, right? Yeah. That hasn’t changed. One of my favorite things to pack in my lunch is a whole-grain English muffin and some peanut butter. I toast it up at work and enjoy an unrushed breakfast while I check emails and pick a Pandora station for the day. πŸ˜‰

That’s my post! If you guys have any great lunch ideas, please please please share them! I’d love to have more meals to throw in the rotation. The weekend is coming loves! I can’t wait! πŸ™‚



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