Inspirational Stories

If you are feeling down or in a rut, go online and search for inspirational healthy change stories. There are thousands and it never fails to make me feel so motivated! Today I was reading about Trisha, and her story of making one small change at a time really encouraged me.

Sometimes getting healthy can feel so intimidating. I feel like I have to get everything right, right away. And if I’m not doing that, I feel like I’m failing. But that’s not true! Every small step you or I take is a victory. Trisha started out with just 15 minutes of activity a day, and she built and built on that until she was down 80 pounds. Stories like this remind me that ANYONE can reach their goals.

This week, let’s tell ourselves everyday that “I believe in ME!”

What other tips do you have for finding motivation? We would love to hear them!




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